Daruma Maneki-Neko Piggy bank, 14cm Large, Pink, Pass exam, Brings Love Abundance Luck

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Daruma Maneki-Neko Piggy bank, 14cm Large, Pink
Pass exam, Brings Love Abundance Luck

Body: W14 x L11 x H15cm
Cushion: W12 × L12cm


Country of origin

Fortune cat with Daruma doll on its head.

Fortune cat brings good luck and prosperity and is often placed at the entrance shops, restaurants. You can also place it in the south eastern corner of the house.

Daruma doll (達磨 ) is a Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism

It is a symbol of perseverance and good luck, with deep roots and meaning in its design. On the Daruma doll it writes "必勝”, which translate to "Sure Victory"



Cute Maneki-neko brings a smile to you and your loved ones

Whether it's at your home, office or shop, it brings bits of happiness to people who come into contact with it everyday.

Attracts love

Attract love in the form of romantic relationship or friendship.

Passing of exams and achievement of goals

Daruma is used to pray for passing of exams and achievement of goals. Regardless of how many times it falls, daruma always rise. It is the epitome of perseverance and hard work

Right Paw Up (Invites Money)

Maneki-neko with right paw raised is believed to bring good business, wealth and prosperity.

Decorated with lucky items

Daruma, fan, hand drum, sakura - all these are symbolism of luck and happiness. Maneki-neko, together with these incredible items, helps to attract much luck, prosperity and fortune to you!

Luck Cat detail feature

Daruma Maneki-Neko has a daruma-shaped body. And on top of it sits a daruma! It's round body is so cute! 

 Daruma-neko bell feature

Bell is a lucky item that helps to ward off bad luck. If you have visited Japan shrines before, you would have noticed that all of them have big bells!

Daruma is good for passing of exams, achieving goals etc. 
Sakura is viewed as a good omen. It is also said that blooming sakura symbolizes passing of exams. 

Maneki-neko daruma sakura feature

daruma neko shiawase koi koi

Shiawase Koi Koi literally translates to "Happiness, come come!"

Daruma Maneki-neko hold a mallet on its left hand. In Japan folktale, it is viewed as a treasure that gives out things every time you shake it. 

Daruma Maneki-neko holds a fan on its right hand. Fan spreading out symbolizes expansion of wealth. Raising right paw also invites money!

It is a piggy bank too. Material is ceramic with a matte finish.


Size is just nice

Comes with red cushion and gift box. You can buy it as a gift to your loved ones!

Recommended if you:

Want to make people around you happy

Want to encounter a partner

Want to pass exam, reach your goals

Want to increase money luck

Want both bread and love!


Helps you relax after work

Invites good relationship, improve current relationship

Best gift for spouse or love

Best gift to wish someone success 


1. At the start, do not give Maneki-neko cushion. Maneki-neko will strive hard to make you wish come true.

2. After your wish come true, you may then give cushion to Maneki-neko as a compliment!


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Daruma Maneki-Neko Piggy bank, 14cm Large, Pink, Pass exam, Brings Love Abundance Luck

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