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Even Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer loves it !

Albert Schweitzer, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952, sang praises of Kobe Fugetsudo's Gaufres.

Served to Imperial Family ! 120 year old brand

Established in 1897, Kobe Fugetsudo welcomed its 120 anniversary on December 2017.

The Story of Gaufres

Fusion of French sweets and Japanese sweets

Beginning in around 1926 customers returning from overseas brought with them French sweets and proposed a challenge to try making them even in Japan.

Technicians of Japanese western confectionery at the time worked on prototype research with the spirit of traditional Japanese sweet-making and the enthusiasm to create new sweets.

Instead of simply mimicking French confectionery, Full use was made of the merits along with the merits of Japanese sweets and in 1927 after a long hard process of trial and research it was finally put on sale.

Packaging of Kobe Fugetsudo

With the hope that people will get to know Kobe city through Kobe Fugetsudo, This packaging was introduced in Showa 32 (1957) . It is designed using distinctive buildings that represent Kobe.

Loved by Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Fresh as if just out of the oven

In Africa, Dr. Albert Schweitzer received Kobe Fugetsudo's Gaufres as a souvenir from Japan. It is said that he commented,

"It is really delicious. Although I had a long trip, it seems like it is fresh out of the oven"

When the owner of Kobe Fugetsudo heard this, he gifted Dr. Albert Schweitzer a few times more. Dr. Albert Schweitzer was really delighted and continued his love for Kobe Fugetsudo's Gaufres.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzerwas an German born theologian, organist, writer, humanitarian, philosopher, and physician. He received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy of "Reverence for Life"

The highest standard that is qualified for gift to royalty.

Kobe Fugetsudo's sweets are being served to Japan's Imperial Family.

While it is a great honour, it is also a proof of high quality as it has to pass through stringent checks by the Imperial Household Agency.

1936, During a naval review at Kobe’s fishing port, we had the honour to make the sweets presented to the Emperor of Japan.
1950, We had the honour to make sweets presented to the Emperor of Japan during his imperial visit to Awaji.
1956, We presented our sweets to the Emperor and Empress of Japan at the 11th National Sports Festival of Japan.
1958, We had the honour of making sweets for the Crown Prince.
1981, We presented our sweets to the Crown Prince and his wife who visited the Portopia ‘81. 1985, We presented our sweets to the Crown Prince and his wife who paid a visit to Kobe Universiade.

Kobe Fugetsudo
120 of History

A picture of Kobe's streets in 1921

Where Kobe Fugetsudo is located.

A picture of the Kobe Fugetsudo in 1930.

At that time its European-style shop stood out from the typical architectural design.

An ice-cream delivery box used from 1905 to 1912.

French style ice cream was sold.

Using lots of milk, fresh cream and eggs, it was characterized by its fine texture.

A GAUFRE tins, the only one that survived through the WWII.

The making of the sweets presented to the Japanese emperor.

Kobe Fugetsudo in Motomachi, Kobe, around 1951.

Gaufre baking machine used around 1965 .

Hand-baking GAUFRE.



60+ years old Female

I can eat this everyday!

Gaufres is so famous that there is almost no one who has not heard of it. The crunchiness is just right and the high quality cream is delicious. I eat 1 piece with coffee everyday,and I am not bored of the taste. The 21 pieces version comes with a tins with beautiful packaging and design. It makes the experience of eating Gaufres more enjoyable.


30+ years old Female

Cute and Delicious

The packaging is really cute. I think girls will be really pleased with this packaging. The texture is crispy and the flavoured cream inside is really delicious. I love it !


40+ years old Male

I eat Gaufres since young、the delicious taste never change and it brings me fond memories. Other companies serve similar products but I personally choose Kobe Fugetsudo. This time I bought it as a gift for Bon Festival. It is well liked by literally everyone, so it is safe to buy as a gift.

KOBE FUGETSUDO Store in Takashimaya Singapore

Kobe Fugetsudo perfects the craft of an eye for detail found in Japanese sweets while incorporating French flavours and style.


Kobe Fugetsudo
Takashimaya Department Store
Food Hall, Basement 2
391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873

Operation Hours:

10.00am – 9.30pm (Daily)

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