About Lucky Cat

About Lucky Cat

ManekiNeko is familiar to Japanese as a lucky charm.

Placed at show windows, cashiers, reception, doorways, living rooms, etc, this cat ornament is loved by everyone and is animportant culture in Japan. Everyone wishes for happiness. ManekiNeko brings happiness and joy to everyone.

Manekineko Collection

Seto Collection

Seto-yaki refers to ceramics ware produced by Seto city in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. With more than 1000 years of history, it is popular in Japan for its ceramics that comes in various designs.

The first Maneki-Neko made using pottery is born in Seto. Seto collection of Maneki-Neko is mostly made using pottery. They are decorated with multiple bells and accessories. One distinctive characteristic is that SetoManekiNekos have their paws raised to a lower position.

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Tokoname Collection

Tokoname is another city in Aichi Prefecture that is known as Japan’s top producing area for Maneki-Neko. Tokoname collection became a standard for modern Maneki-Neko. Some characteristics of Tokoname Maneki-Neko includes big ears, round face, big droppy eyes, golden claws, calico color and big koban.

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Kutani-Yaki Collection

Kutani-yaki is pottery with overglaze painting, made in Kanazawa, Komatsu, Kaga, and Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture.

It is famous for its colourful and creative designs using green, yellow, purple, dark blue and red paints.

With its exquisite painting, it is regarded as an oriental art piece. One interesting characteristic of Kutani Maneki-Neko is its outward-facing ears.

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Decoding the Manekineko

Placed at show windows, cashiers, reception, doorways, living rooms, etc, this cat ornament is loved by everyone and is animportant culture in Japan. Everyone wishes for happiness. ManekiNeko brings happiness and joy to everyone.

Right Paw raised

Invites money and good fortune.

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Left Paw raised

Invites customers or people.

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Both Paws raised

Invites both money and customer.

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Height of hand

Higher hand invites fortune from a further distance away.

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When arranging Maneki-nekos, it is best that the raised paw is faced outwards. In this way fortune is invited from outside to your home or business.

It is said that manekinekos with right paws raised are males, while those with left paws raised are females.

It is technically difficult to make manekineko with its hands at a position above its ears, hence it is considered precious.

What color of Manekineko means

Calico Cat

Good luck, wealth, prosperity

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White Cat

Purity, happiness 

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Black Cat

Wards off evil, prevent illness

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Golden Cat

Prosperity and wealth 

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Silver Cat

Prosperity and longevity

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Red Cat

Prevent abnormal diseases
Prevent illness in children 

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Pink Cat

Cultivates love

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Purple Cat


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Blue Cat

Safety at home, traffic safety

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Green Cat

Good academies

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Yellow Cat

Good luck
Formation of marriage

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Orange Cat

Work luck 

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Calico cat is the symbolism of luck

A Calico cat is a cat with colour combination of large patches of orange and black.

Because genetic determination of colours in calico cats is linked to the X chromosome, a calico cat is almost always a female. Only 1 out of 30,000 calico cats is a male.

That is why a male calico is considered rare and precious and thus used as Maneki-neko to bring luck and happiness. 

The belongings that the Manekineko has in hand

The things Maneki-neko hold in its hand include golden coin, porgy, hammer, daruma, treasure bag, purse, money box, fan etc. All these are considered lucky items. As you might have guessed, golden coin is used for attracting prosperity. On the golden coin,「千万両」, meaning "ten million ryo", is written to resemble large amount of wealth. Other words like「開運」「合格」are also often seen on Maneki-nekos to attract luck and to pass exams/interviews. 「しあわせこいこい」, which literally translate to "Come Happiness!", are also commonly written on Maneki-nekos. The beauty of Maneki-neko lies in being able to choose one that expresses your wishes pertaining to yourself or others.

Family cat brings household harmony

Some Maneki-neko comes with kittens attached with them. This represents family safety and household harmony and is thus great to use as wedding gifts, home protection and celebration of newborn babies.

For Wedding GiftFor Home ProtectionTo celebrate New Baby

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