Couple Maneki-neko Holding Heart
Couple Maneki-neko Holding Heart Loving couple Maneki-neko holding a heart together. Heart is studded with crystal. 「爱」is inscribed on the heart which is Japanese Kanji for "Love".Great for wedding gift, anniversary fit etc.     Height 10.5cm Material Porcelain Country of Origin Japan...
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Small Maneki-neko on Mat, White
Small Maneki-neko on Mat, White    Height 5.5cm Material Porcelain Country of Origin Japan Color Red Manufacturer Yakushigama Brand Warakuya How to Choose Maneki Neko? Right Paw Up: Invites money and good fortune (good for businesses)Left Paw Up: Invites people...
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Tokoname Maneki-neko, Small, Lucky Cat/Fortune Cat, Pink
Tokoname Maneki-neko, small Tokoname style Maneki-neko. Tokoname is a city in Aichi Prefecture that is known as Japan’s top producing area for ManekiNeko.  Tokoname collection became a standard for modern ManekiNeko. Some characteristics of Tokoname ManekiNeko includes big ears, round face, big droppy...
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Maneki-neko with Pink heart, Lucky Cat/Fortune Cat, Brings Love, Affinity, Luck
Maneki-neko with Pink heart Aids in finding success in love and the right partner. Maneki neko carrying a pink heart helps to bring love to you.Crystal adds sparkle to the heart and your love life. Lucky Cat with right paw...
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Daruma Maneki-Neko Piggy bank, 14.5cm Medium, Gold, Lucky Cat / Fortune Cat for Store Opening, Business, Prosperity
Daruma Maneki-Neko Piggy bank Fortune cat with Daruma doll on its head. Fortune cat brings good luck and prosperity and is often placed at the entrance shops, restaurants. You can also place it in the south eastern corner of the house....
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