Asahi Zero Carbohydrate Noodles Ripe Tomato Minestrone Style 16.2g
Asahi Zero Carbohydrate NoodlesRipe Tomato Minestrone Style 16.2g Contents16.2g ManufacturerAsahi IngredientsAgar noodles (agar, konjac powder), tomato powder, sugar, dried cheese, salt, chicken extract powder (including wheat and soybeans), milpoise powder, dried corn, cheese powder, protein hydrolyzate, processed cheese, fish Soy...
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Asahi Zero Carbohydrate Noodles Ripe Cheese Carbonara Style 14.6g
Asahi Zero Carbohydrate Noodles Ripe Cheese Carbonara Style 14.6g Contents14.6g ManufacturerAsahi IngredientsAgar noodles (agar, konjac flour), foods mainly composed of milk, etc., cheese powder, processed dried bacon (including wheat and soybeans), salt, sugar, pork extract powder, protein hydrolyzate, spices, egg...
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Hokkaido Creamy Potato Soup 3 servings
Hokkaido Creamy Potato Soup 3 servings This mix is made by lavishly using Danshaku Potatoes from Hokkaido, and allows you to make a rich creamy potato soup. Contents60g (20g × 3bags) ManufacturerHokkai Yamato How to make soup(1) Put the contents...
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