The Taku Nomi Culture related to the popularity of canned chu-hai with strong alcohol content.

This time, we will introduce you to ‘Taku Nomi culture’. How did this culture take root in Japan? It is said that it came about because canned chu-hai marketing has been expanding.

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One of the reasons Taku Nomi has taken  root  is ….young people aren’t interested in drinking and communicating with people at Izakayas

Until two decades ago,"Nominication" was very popular in Japan.
The word Nominication was basically used among office workers.
Nominication is a Japanese custom where people go out to Izakayas or bars with their bosses  or senior co-workers after finishing work to get to know each other. It is made up of the Japanese word "nomi"which means "drinking", and the English "communication". When people are drinking together they can get glimpses of each other's personalities that can’t be seen in the office. and people can say their true feelings  that can’t usually be said  to their boss. Nominication was a good way to increase collaboration, competitiveness,  and productivity by getting to know each other deeply.

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But nowadays, many young people in their 20s and 30s don’t like this type of communication. The reasons include,  ‘Its pain to communicate with the boss or seniors outside of office too’; ‘I can’t drink much so don’t want to go’; and  ‘When my boss drinks at an izakaya, he smokes, too, so I don’t want to be in a smoky place’.
Young people who like drinkng  alcohol tend to enjoy drinking at home while enjoying surfing the Internet or drinking with their friends at their homes’ etc…Therefore, it is said that  ‘Taku Nomi’ culture has taken root in Japan,  especially among the young.
The name ‘Taku Nomi’ is a coined word combining  ‘Taku’ as in ‘Jitaku, (which means home in Japanese) and ‘Nomi’( which means drink in Japanese). ‘Taku Nomi’ has become a common word nowadays in Japan.

Another reason for the popularity of Taku Nomi culture -- Horoyoi Chu-hai! 

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Horoyoi is  a long-selling canned chu-hai and has been popular, especially among young people, since it was first sold in 2009.
Horoyoi was developed to target young people in their early 20’s who had never drunk alcohol.
At that time, many young people had a negative image about alcoholic beverages. In Japan, when people started to work as employees, their first experience of drinking  alcoholic beverages was probably with beer . The beer taste was too bitter and the alcohol content of around 5.5% was too strong for young people who had never experienced alcohol before. In addition,  they thought beer was ‘out of fashion’ because they believed that  beer was only for old men.
Therefore, canned chu-hai ‘Horoyoi’ was created to meet the needs of this new generation of drinkers. Horoyoi is moderately sweet and has a  low alcohol content of only 3%, so it was a hit with  young people right out of the gate who were drinking alcohol for the first time.

First, Horoyoi became  especially popular among young women. It is said that the reason was the cute can design and the TV advertisements. In the advertisement, a popular actress is wearing cute loungewear and drinking Horoyoi on her sofa alone at home. The TV ads gave young women the impression ‘drinking alcohol at home is stylish’. It is said that the product branding by Suntory also contributed to this new custom of  ‘drinking canned chu-hai at home’. 

It’s economical because you can get drunk at a low price. Hard liquor canned chu-hai is now blowing up

In Japan, hard liquor canned chu-hai is blowing up at the moment.
The mainstream the hard liquor canned chu-hai has an  alcohol percentage of 9% and the taste is dry. According to a research company, the most common reason for choosing the hard liquor canned chu-hai is economical. Many consumers said ‘we use to buy 2 long size cans ( one long can has 500ml) chu-hai to get drunk, but now we can get drunk on only one long size hard liquor canned chu-hai. If you drink hard liquor at the bar, it’s expensive and you might feel it’s a pain to get back home drunk by subway or bus.

But if you buy one hard liquor canned chu-hai you can enjoy it at home, get drunk and easily crash into your bed to sleep. As well, middle-aged Japanese tend to enjoy drinking in the evening with some snacks or meals. The hard liquor canned chu-hai's slightly bitter taste goes well with any snack or meal. Nowadays, the hard liquor canned chu-hai is chosen instead of beer by middle-aged people, too. That is why the hard liquor chu-hai is blowing up.

Next time, we will tell you about our tasting review of
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Next time, we will tell you about our tasting review of the hard liquor canned chu-hai ‘Sapporo CHU-HAI 99.99’.
It has quickly become  popular as a ‘stylish and high quality canned chu-hai’. Please check out our next article, too. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

Let's try the canned chu-hai and enjoy the Taku Nomi!

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