Tasting Orihiro Konjac Jelly (Vol.2. Pouch type)

This time, we will share a tasting review of the bite-sized, pouch type, Orihiro Konjac Jelly .
The pouch type is very popular at our convenience store, "Every". This time, we will introduce a pouch of  Kyoho grape flavor konjac jelly 6 bite-sized pouches in one bagand a pouch of orange and muscat flavor konjac jelly  (12 bite-sized pouches in one bag)

Do you know about konjac jelly? 
If you don’t know about it, please check our previous article.

The product we will introduce is a bite-sized, 20g of konjac jelly packaged in a small pouch.  
You can enjoy it as quick snack while doing chores, or when you are feeling a little peckish.


●Orihiro Konjac Jelly Kyoho Grape (Pouch type)

●Manufacturer: Orihiro ●Flavor: Kyoho Grape ●6pieces per pouch ●Price: $2.60

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First, we'll introduce the Kyoho grape flavor.

How to eat

First, tear the pouch with your fingers and open up the aperture. Then squeeze around the middle of the pouch gently. Jiggly jelly comes out from the aperture. Don’t inhale and chew it well. Enjoy the taste.

Let’s eat!

Let’s enjoy the taste! Wow! We can really taste the fresh grape flavor. We feel like we are  eating a real grape.
This jelly contains 18% grape juice, so it tastes really fruity.
And one more good thing is that it is not so sweet. It’s so delicious that we ate all six bags in no time.
We recommend this product to people who love grapes. You can buy it in bulk because a bag of 6  is only $2.60.


●Orihiro Konjac Jelly Orange and Muscat (Pouch type)

●Manufacturer: Orihiro ●Flavor: Orange and Muscat ●12 pieces per bag (6 pouches of orange and 6 pouches of muscat) ●Price: $4.50

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The next product has 2 flavors in one bag. You can enjoy orange flavor and muscat flavor at the same time. It’s a very good deal! Eating them is exactly the same as eating the grape flavor one, so check out  ‘How to eat’ above.
When you gently squeeze the pouch, jiggly jelly comes out from the aperture.

Orange flavor

First, we will try the  orange flavor. The sweet and sour taste orange of spreads in our mouth.
You can enjoy a fresh, orange, aroma, too. We feel like we are eating the flesh of a ripe orange.
The taste is fruity, but not too sweet. It is so refreshing that you won't  get tired of eating them.

Muscat flavor

Next, let’s try the muscat flavor. When we open the aperture we notice the muscat aroma but it is not so strong compared to the others.
However, after taking a bite, we feel it has a strong, muscat taste. The flavor is richer than we expected despite it having a weak aroma. We think the taste is very close to real muscat. It’s very fruity.

The calories in konjac jelly are lower than in chocolate, but you will be satisfied and, at a price of $4.50,  is very affordable. It’s a great buy! If you haven’t tried eating konjac jelly, please give it a try! You can buy it on our web store or at our convenience store "Every".

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You can enjoy konjac jelly in a variety of flavors. Please check the information on our web store

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ORIHIRO Konjac Jelly Peach $2.60 ORIHIRO Konjac Jelly Grapefruit Zero calories $2.60 

ORIHIRO Konjac Jelly  Apple and Grape $4.50


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