'Kirin Hyoketsu’ is a revolutionary canned chu-hai

This time, we will tell you how Kirin Hyoketsu which started selling canned chu-hai from 2001, revolutionized the canned chu-hai market. 
We talked about the evolution of  canned chu-hai in the previous article 'Chu-Hai has been evolving in a unique way as alcoholic beverage in Japan’.
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From shochu base to vodka base

Kirin Hyouketsu is the product that overturned the concept of Chu-hai=shochu base. They changed the base liquor from shochu to vodka, which  is almost flavorless.

According to research from a brewery technical institution, in 1999, when the canned chu-hai market began to expand, canned chu-hai was struggling to get a younger generation of consumers.

Because it was not able to meet the needs of ‘smooth taste’ and ‘stylish' which is what the  younger generation likes.
Therefore, in developing its first canned chu-hai, Kirin aimed to make ‘fresh and smooth taste’,
‘modern and youthful image’ and ‘high quality and have a distinctive feature brand’.

In addition to the innovative choice of changing the base liquor to vodka, the flavoring is not syrup-based but uses ‘Hyouketsu straight fruit juice' which was developed by Kirin.
And, they also focussed a lot on the can design.

The design, which is called ‘diamond cut can’ was very innovative at the time.
In the name「氷結」(Hyouketsu)the character 「氷」(Hyou)means ‘ice’.
The design of this can is reminiscent of ice and also has other functions.
That is, when you open the can, you will hear a cracking sound. The sound will remind you of cracking ice and gives you a refreshing feeling even before drinking.

And becomes a huge hit

Kirin Hyoketsu was born in 2001 with a combination of innovative ideas, advanced technology and the wisdom from a lot of experience in beverage exports.
This product undermined the common style of canned chu-hai and it won a position as a driving force in the canned chu-hai market by engaging the hearts and minds of young people. After that, Kirin created a variety of Hyoketsu products such as liquor based Hyoketsu, Hyoketsu strong, with 9% alcohol; and Hyoketsu ZERO, which doesn’t have sugar, purines or artificial sweeteners.
As of October 2019, there are 33 types of Hyoketsu sold in Japan. 
(including limited time products)


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 Triggered by the birth of Kirin Hyoketsu, a ‘de-shochu’ wave surged to the canned chu-hai market. A variety of styles appeared one after another, ranging from sweet flavors such as peach and apple, to a low alcohol content of 3% and a high alcohol content of 9%. The canned chu-hai market keeps on growing, as it targets different consumer needs. Nowadays, chu-hai fans are increasing overseas in countries such as in Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

The quality of fresh fruit flavor is one of a kind

In introducing Kirin Hyoketsu, we were wondering what we should tell you from so many attractions of the product. We decided to tell you about ‘Hyoketsu straight fruit juice’.The juice commonly used in processed foods is ‘concentrated juice’.
Concentrated fruit juice has the merit or reducing transportation costs because after squeezing the fruit juice, the water is extracted which reduces the volume from 1/5~1/10. This increases transportation efficiency. On the other hand, the fresh aroma of fruit was extracted with the water.

 ‘Hyouketsu straight juice is produced by a simple process. After squeezing the harvested fruit, the juice is quickly frozen.The water isn’t extracted from the fruit.
Therefore, you can taste the fresh flavor contained in the moisture of the fruit. For example, ‘Hyoketsu straight juice is not ‘jam’, it’s ‘a raw fruit’.
To maximize the flavor of the Hyoketsu straight juice, Kirin chose vodka as the base liquor because it is almost flavorless, instead of shochu, which  has a unique flavor. 

Next time, we will give you our  tasting review of Kirin Hyoketsu.

How was this Kirin Hyoketsu story?
If you have already enjoyed Kirin Hyoketsu, we think you can understand now why it is so delicious.If you haven’t drunk it yet, please try the Hyouketsu -- the  king of canned chu-hai!Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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