Canned Chu-hai Tasting (Vol.1. Different brand)

Hyoketsu strong Grape, Hyoketsu Sicilian Lemon, Horoyoi White Grape, CHU-HAI 99.99 Clear Lime

This time, we will share a tasting review of canned chu-hai which is especially popular at our web store and convenience store Every. Do you know the alcoholic beverage called ‘chu-hai’? If you read the previous article, you can find out all about chu-hai,  so you might want to check it out.  

●Hyoketsu Strong Kyoho Grape

●Manufacturer: Kirin, ●Alcohol percentage: 9%, ●Flavor: Grape, ●Base liquor: Spirits (Vodka made in Japan), ●Sugar-free, Purine-free ●Price: $6.20 

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Before tasting, we will enjoy the aroma. Wow! We are feeling this aroma is very close to real grape! This grape aroma is really fresh and mellow. It’s amazing! Now, let’s take a sip. It’s so delicious! A fresh grape flavor spreads in our mouths.
It’s good not to be too sweet. It’s not so fizzy, either. There is almost no alcohol odor and it has a smooth taste.
The alcohol content is 9%, so it seems strong, but the taste is refreshing and delicious so you can drink it more and more. It’s a good deal when you can buy a cocktail that has both a strong alcohol content and is very tasty for $6.20!

●Hyoketsu Sichilian Lemon

●Manufacturer: Kirin ●Alcohol percentage: 5% ●Flavor: Lemon ●Base liquor: Liqueur, ●Price: $5

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Before tasting, we will enjoy the aroma. We can notice a fresh lemon aroma.
Also, we can detect the bittersweet lemon peel, so we feel we are smelling a real lemon.
Then. we as we take a sip, the taste of lemon  spreads softly in our mouth.
The sourness is not so strong. There is a little sweetness, so we recommend this one for people who don’t like bitter drinks.
It’s economical because you can buy it for $5 even though the alcohol content is 5%, which is about the same as regular beer.

●Horoyoi White Grape

●Manufacturer: Suntory ●Alcohol percentage: 3% ●Flavor: White Grape ●Base liquor: Liqueur ●Price:$4.30

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Let’s enjoy the aroma first. We smell the sweet tanginess of white grape, a little.
We feel it’s not so different from real white grapes. The aroma is fresh and fruity.
The taste is not so sweet and easy to drink. The flavor is also very close to real white grapes.
It has a  refreshing taste and a nice aftertaste. The alcohol content is low, 3%, but it is a high quality canned chu-hai that you can enjoy as light cocktail.
The price of $4.30 is reasonable, so you can buy in bulk and save.

●CHU-HAI 99.99 Clear Lime

●Manufacturer: Sapporo ●Alcohol percentage: 9% ●Flavor: Lime ●Base liquor: Spirits (High purity vodka)●Price: $5.90

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First we enjoy the aroma. We notice a fresh lime aroma. We also detect the bittersweet of lime peel so it seems like freshly squeezed lime juice is in the can right now.The taste is so simple. We can taste the sour of lime and the bitter taste of soda. There is no sweet taste. With an alcohol content as strong as 9%, you might think there would be a tangy taste but this one doesn’t.The taste is pure. This canned chu-hai is very clear, like water. That’s why we drank a lot very quickly! One good thing about a high purity vodka base is that this canned chu-hai goes well with ‘Otsumami’. The alcohol content is 9% and the price of $5.90 for the quality of taste and flavor is amazing!

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Next time, we will introduce about how Kirin Hyoketsu revolutionized the canned chu-hai market.

If you haven’t ever drunk canned chu-hai, give it a try. You can buy it in our web store or at our convenience store, 'Every'. Next time, we will talk about how Kirin Hyoketsu is a very popular canned chu-hai at our shop.
Thank you for taking the  time to read our blog!

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Kirin Hyouketsu Strong Peach & Mango $6.20

Suntory Premium Kokushibori Mellow Grape $5.70

Suntory Tomorrow's Lemon Sour $5.20


👇Please check out the article at the link below.
'Kirin Hyoketsu’ is a revolutionary canned chu-hai



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